You also need to think about how to attract subscribers to your list, and how to highlight the value of joining. You should also define your audience and segments to help create better targeting through your efforts. While you can Uruguay Phone Number create list-sized goals, it’s best to have action-oriented intent to help you achieve your goals. For example, instead of focusing on the goal of having 100 subscribers within the first month, consider focusing on consistency and engagement. Choose goals and metrics that reflect the subscriber’s relationship with your business. Choose the right tool Next, outline the resources you need to execute your email marketing strategy.

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Start with the tools you need now and in the future to determine which platforms are right for your business. It’s okay to start with a basic email platform early on, but you’ll also need to consider future needs to better plan your long-term approach. For example, reading email verification guidelines or researching hyper-personalization software can help you Uruguay Phone Number a long-term vision for success. By outlining these needs now, you won’t be surprised when you come up with them later. At this stage, it is also valuable to outline the time and human capital required to execute this strategy. Estimate how long the initial setup will take, and subsequent updates.

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Determine if someone on your team can assist with different aspects of the task, or if outsourcing is the best option. Your calculations may change once you start working. Map your funnel If you haven’t articulated your sales funnel, now is a great time to start. Your funnel categorizes the five stages of the customer journey, including: consciousness. Interest Uruguay Phone Number and Decision Buy Reserve Knowing where your existing contacts. The funnel will help you focus on the low-hanging fruit when executing your strategy. Keeping the entire funnel in mind will also help drive your campaign. So you can determine which processes to incorporate to drive people through the funnel.

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