In conclusion, searches column, there’s a column that says Competition. However, This is the section that shows you the estimated keyword difficulty—suggesting how challenging it’ll be to rank your content for each particular Syria Email List phrase. Moreover, For each of these phrases, the keyword difficulty is “low. Syria Email List That’s really good news for a potential travel blogger. Therefore, In short, the assessment you can walk away from this screenshot with is that a very sizable number of people are searching for these phrases, but there aren’t a lot of Syria Email List people writing about them (today). Here’s a formula I usually seek out when choosing which keywords to target for my upcoming content calendar: Medium to high search volume + low keyword difficulty = the perfect keyword for your blog post.

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In conclusion, If you can find low competition keyword Syria Email List phrases with a meaningful amount of monthly search volume in your niche, that’s the sweet spot to go after. 3. Pick a Winning Blog Post Topic to Pursue Picking Blog Topics to Write About (Stock Image) and Blog Planner You know what your readers want to read, you’ve picked the Syria Email List perfect keyword phrase, now you need to translate that into an article topic and working headline. Going back to our example of the travel blog, we can choose the best topic based on our Syria Email List keyword phrase above. I’ll choose “best vacation spots” since it has a higher search Syria Email List volume than “best travel destinations.” Thinking about your target audience, the term “best vacation spots” maybe a little broad. Best vacation spots for whom? In this case.

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We’ll choose to write about the best vacation Syria Email List spots for families. That gives the blog post a very specific direction that helps a specific group of people. From there, travel blogger could use their own experience and research to write about the best places. For families to vacation. For a working headline, I might use something like. The Best Vacation Spots For Young Families in 2022. Best Vacation Spots For Families to. Syria Email List Travel This Year 11 Best Vacation Spots Your Family Will Absolutely Love. Choose a Blog Post Type (Guide, Roundup, Review).

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