E-commerce is in fashion. According to the latest data, the average expenditure on internet purchases in spain rose by 2% in 2015, specifically. The average is more than per person. In addition, the weight of the mobile continues to grow. Reaching a percentage of use of 27%, eight points more than in 2014. Despite the fact that the computer continues to be the preferred means of making our purchases online. The trust of their potential customers, since a poor internal search engine. A complicated search experience or a bad design can lead them to suffer considerable losses. In this context, offering a good service throughout the online purchasing process is essential to gain consumer loyalty.

Why Do I Get Inaccurate and Unsatisfactory Search Results?

Searches are usually related to the SKU (stock-keeping units) identifier. A system used by most websites to manage their online product catalog. Sku is an identifier used for the systemic tracking of products and services offered to customers. Each SKU is associated with an object, product, brand, or service, however, users do not search for “SKU”. Users search for products and services that Taiwan WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists describe qualities and characteristics. In the product search process in an online store, keywords represent an essential part to offer the customer the exact product they want to buy. Trying to find out the precise words that can offer what the customer is looking for.

This Is Where Technology Focused on Natural Language Processing

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How can your implementation help? Thanks to it, it is possible to analyze and understand. The global meaning of the query instead of searching using restricted and traditional keywords. Thus, by processing human language, we can create an intelligent search engine that allows. Users to find the exact answer to the question posed. The benefits for companies are multiple: an exponential increase in online revenue by optimizing customer search results. Improved performance, growth in the conversion of searches into purchases. Achievement of a quality user experience based on customer satisfaction.

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