Very popular with readers. Along with the “how-to” format (which is itself a type of list), list posts are one of the most popular types of posts. Easy to add to or extend. Sierra Leone Email List You can add more items to a list or go into more depth for each one without materially changing the post. What to Include in Your List Post A list post blog Sierra Leone Email List template includes.

An introduction, plus potentially a “what” or “why” section that gives your list context. A list of numbered points. Normally, each point will be a subheading with a Sierra Leone Email List paragraph or more of text beneath. With a very long list (50+ items), you might simply present each item as one point in a numbered list. A conclusion – this is a great place to ask the reader to comment with their favorite point or even to extend your list by sharing their own tips or ideas.

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Introduction: Begin by setting your list in context. You might want to ask a question, offer a key piece of advice or a statistic, or otherwise, explain why this list is important or useful to the reader. Numbered points: With a list post, the first step of the content creation Sierra Leone Email List process is to come up with lots of different points you could make. Pick the strongest of these: don’t just list the first few ideas you come up with.

Think about how you order your points, too. With a long list post, you might split them into several Sierra Leone Email List different groups. You could also consider ordering them easiest to hardest, first to last, or alphabetically, depending on your list. Normally.

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You’ll number the first point as 1—but if you’re Sierra Leone Email List creating a “top 10” list of books or other resources, you could vary this blog format by starting with 10 and working down to 1. Conclusion a call to action. Instead, sum up the post – perhaps by suggesting the best idea or tip try first. You could also invite readers to comment and let you know their favorite tips.

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