Optimization for search engines better known as seo. For its acronym in english is something that today. All brands with a presence in the digital world must work. On a lot because the internet has become a basic service. For the world population. Hence seo is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Just look at the projections of spending on digital advertising. At the end of 2018 which is estimated to exceed 266 billion dollars. According to projected data in statista. Especially according to julia mc coy. Content marketing specialist and founder of the express. Writers agency at a time when a digital environment is constantly evolving and advancing. However the specialist points out that there are always.

Strategy More Optimal Starting by Eliminating Those Tactics

And habits that are frequent but are no longer functional. Here 5 of them. Years ago it was common to say that long digital content. Was lousy for attracting traffic to sites or blogs. But that rule is now dying. According to the Macau B2B List specialist for google. Short content  poorly developed. Shallow content. Today long content gains relevance, according. To a buzz sumo analysis of more than 100 million articles. The most shared posts were long form. Up to more than 3 thousand words. Having erratic publication dates and times do not help much. To position your content and the site. Areas of opportunity to improve and make your seo.

That Is Why It Is Important to Establish Calendar and Stick

Macau B2B List

Be constant to build a content cache. This will help your site have a better chance to rank for more indexed pages and more targeted keywords, as well as build authority. Many times it is thought that the important thing is to generate as much content as possible to be able to position yourself better in google, but mccoy points out that there is an algorithm that evaluates the quality of the search to determine the quality of a page. So the formula is: experience, authority, and trustworthiness.) therefore, the recommendation is to find a balance of the highest quality content possible on a consistent basis.


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