blogging costs that may be required to continue running this blog. Pinpoint all the pieces that go into supporting the blog and ask yourself what you would need to continue sustaining it. Libya Email List This may Libya Email List mean transitioning the previous owner’s team to continue working with you, or completely doing it on your own. Whatever decision you make, have a strong strategy and meaningful blogging goals in place that will allow you to run your blog successfully in the long run. 4. Examine Your Blog’s Traffic Libya Email List Statistics Traffic is one of the most important website properties you should look for when purchasing a blog. Through tools like Google Analytics, you can check a blog’s source of traffic and results of any marketing efforts. Screenshot of Traffic Sources in Google Analytics.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Podcast.

As you’ll be the next owner of the blog, it’s important to. Libya Email List have traffic generation strategies in place that will allow room for your blog to expand. This includes taking into consideration any advertising costs you may need to generate a consistent stream of traffic. Reports from third parties like SEMrush help give a buyer insight into a site’s traffic and Libya Email List overall health. Flippa partnered with SEMRush to provide this valuable tool to website and blog buyers for a nominal cost. Insights and Due Diligence in the How to Buy a Blog Process (SEMRush Traffic Statistics) It’s important to truly understand where a blog’s source of traffic stems from, and ensure that those traffic sources will align with your own blogging skills & interests too. If a blog has any social accounts, email subscribers.

Try Something New: Start Your Podcast.

YouTube videos or other additional assets, you want to. Libya Email List make sure you acquire those too. As these assets will be crucial in driving traffic to your new blog. Acquisition over the months and years to come.  Analyze Existing Revenue and. Potential Growth An extensive revenue check is the most important thing. You’ll do before purchasing a blog. Checking a blog’s financial history will allow you to ask the owner any questions on revenue. Libya Email List spikes or dips and it helps a lot if the blog happens to publish some financials publicly. Blog Income Report March 2021 – How Ryan Robinson Made $35,218 Blogging This Month This is where

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