Disney has found in the live action versions. Of its most successful animated films an effective formula to not. Only connect with children but also with a much broader segment. One of the projects that arouses expectations. In the public is the live action of aladdin. The burbank giant knows very well how to market. Its franchises and in this case it shows it again. They presented the first official poster of the film inspired. By the 1992 animated film and just showing the lamp was. Enough for people to start getting excited in social networks. Will smith’s engagement has been fundamental to this effect. The actor who will give life to the genie of the lamp shared. His image in the gutter of instagram and in just a couple.

Of Hours He Accumulated Nearly 2 Million Likes and More

Than 64 thousand comments. The figures are not only overwhelming due to the rate of reactions. Per minute, but also because the same aladdin poster published. From the disney twitter account barely exceeds 3 thousand likes. The Palestine B2B List difference is remarkable especially considering the power. Of mickey’s house. Mouse aladdin is a story that is part of the arabian nights. That disney made into an animated film in 1992. Which won two oscars and grossed 504 million worldwide. The reaction of the public will surely give the producers an idea. On how to direct the marketing campaign of this live action of aladdin. In fact this can be considered the first official action and it is likely that we are close.

To Showing the First Photographs of the Characters or Oscars

Palestine B2B List

Why not a teaser to have a thermometer of what the tape could impact. This is one more project that adds to the long. List of disney productions that seek to transfer many of its great classics. To live action we have already seen the result of beauty and the beast. Exceeding one billion dollars at the box office. Success similar with the jungle book. And the new version of tim burton’s dumbo will be released soon. Aladdin’s live action has an agenda for his legacy in may. According to what the poster says- 2019 and has attracted. Attention because it is directed by guy ritchie and features. Naomi scott as jasmine,mena massoud as aladdin and will smith as the genius.

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