The latest trending or emerging job (or, as they say, “hot”) is that of the director of marketing data. That is the forecast that ibm has just launched. Which is an analysis of trends and points that will mark the agenda in 2019 has opted for this profile. This new worker joins the team very marked by the trends and technologies. That has set the agenda in recent months. Artificial intelligence not only works as a tool to create new solutions and new possibilities. For example, but also requires new professionals and new expert profiles. That is where the director of marketing data or marketing data comes into play.

The professional profile sought All this implies that

The work of this professional will be halfway between the internal and the external. He will be the one who serves as the point of connection with the technology and data vendors that the  UAE email list company works with, but he will also be responsible for connecting with the internal teams within the company that is ‘splashed’ by the data. In other words, they will not only be in charge of establishing external links and correctly integrating third-party data, but they will be the ones who make sure that the data that the different departments of the company generate are well integrated and the processes flow correctly. It will be a kind of central data controller, an expert who follows the information and does it in real-time.

The Power of Technology the Profile Also Points in Another Direction

The profile also points in another direction, that of the growing weight of IT specializations in the market. Tech workers will be the ones most in-demand in the coming months and the ones that will cost the most to find and sign. A Hays study recently pointed out that 95% of technology companies have trouble recruiting the talent they need. Companies are hiring more than ever, but they are facing a shortage of qualified personnel similar to the one they suffered years ago. Among those sought after and desired professionals are profiles that intersect with that of the data marketing director.

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