The marketing sector is distinguishing itself as a promoter of new job profiles linked to. Information and communication technologies (ict) and for being one of those that is the best know. How to take advantage of the potential of big data. Especially, within the programmatic purchase of advertising. The segment of marketing that is growing the most. Since it allows impacting, in a personalized way, the ideal target for a campaign at. The moment in which users are most predisposed to make a conversion. This translates into greater efficiency that allows companies to optimize their budgets and increase their roi. Through a process that is supported by cutting-edge technology and data science.

Marketing Has Been One of the First Sectors That Has Tackled

This means that we have already incorporated and are even developing many of them. The professions that are going to become widespread in other activities in the coming years. Especially, within the purchase programmatic. Which is the most innovative segment within advertising”, explains rafael martínez. Country manager of digilant for spain. “The marketing departments of the Buy Peru WhatsApp Numbers most advanced. Companies and large agencies have stopped doing a basically intuitive job to support. Their strategies in studies through data analysis”. The 10 profiles that are emerging most strongly within. The marketing area to respond to the new needs of digital companies is.

Data Scientist or Data Scientist It Has Become the Most

The Brand Director encompasses the maximum responsibility in Communication and Marketing, so he has to align these two visions in the implementation of plans to consolidate the values ​​on which the reputation of a company is based, from a corporate and strategic perspective. Product Marketing Manager. It brings together the tasks of Product Management (market analysis to identify trends, opportunities, and threats, launching new products, cost studies, etc. and Product Marketing design of marketing plans, brand positioning, etc. Experience Designer or User Experience specialist. It focuses its work on the development of products or services to retain consumers through emotions or attributes that generate engagement with the brand.

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