Returns In my update blog about the trends of 2020 I already mentioned it. The return mountain is getting bigger and bigger. This year, PostNL even asked to wait with returning orders to keep it manageable. As the number of returns grows, so does the mountain of waste. Everyone knows the stories that new or returned items of clothing are cut or burned because they can no longer be sold. Coolblue started a few years ago with the ‘second chances’. Disposing of returned items is labour-intensive and expensive.


By offering these now second-hand products (even if they have never been used), you as a company are not only helping to reduce the mountain of waste, but you also give consumers the opportunity to purchase Bahamas Email Lists the products at a lower price. Another reason for the growth of second-hand markets is our environmental awareness. Instead of thinkinglessly throwing things away, we hope to make someone else happy with them. Image on returns.

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It’s a great time

Google Update In 2021 it will really happen: the new Google Update ‘Core Web Vitals ‘ will be implemented. The Core Web Vitals will have an impact on your rankings from May 2021. In addition to these figures, the site is still being checked to see if the site is mobile-friendly and HTTPS secured. The Core Web Vitals consist of three measurement moments: LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) Please note that the most important content is loaded in a maximum of 2.5 seconds.

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