Sunny day in the office. You look out the window and enjoy the rays of the sun on any given Monday.  You make a toast to technology and artificial intelligence and continue your morning at work with that suggestive piece of information.

Broadly Speaking, That Philosophy Is What Governs

Broadly speaking, that philosophy is what governs programmatic. Impact each user with what really interests them. Topic featured in the fax database recent reaction study: the art of integration Kantar Millward Brown. A guide on how to carry out effective multichannel campaigns, which emerges after conducting hundreds of quantitative surveys in 45 countries.

Among the Revealing Data of the Aforementioned Stud

Fax Lists

Among the revealing data of the aforementioned study, two stand out, among many others. The first is that well-integrated and personalized digital campaigns increase effectiveness by 57%. And the second is that although most of the marketing experts consulted. Only 58% of consumers endorse it. There is therefore a significant gap between what the brands consider. They are doing well and the perception that users have.

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