One of the great recent obsessions of those responsible for. Brands and companies is to measure where their ads appear and how. The risks to the brand image are one of the big problems. They may have to face and are also one of the issues they want to take care of. Online advertising has become a potential trouble spot, at least when used programmatically. Programmatic advertising has first become a very simple and (apparently) effective way to buy ads. Instead of having to go back and forth, you can tell the algorithm what you want and it takes care of matching them up. With a couple of clicks, they can reach their audiences and they can do it on many sites. But. This, which was the great advantage, has become one of its great crosses.

This Has Opened the Door to Picaresque With Advertisers

Despite all this, few have developed control mechanisms. Only 14% of marketers are using ‘white lists’ of online sites. ‘white lists’ in which they have the pages that they do accept as spaces in which they can advertise. The rest are massively buying advertising online, which makes their control over where their ads appear rather limited. In fact, according to what has just been revealed by Argentina WhatsApp Number List a study by advertiser perceptions. 78% of marketers acknowledge that they buy online advertising in a way that could be said to be almost wholesale. These marketers, practically 8 out of 10, have bought spaces in there. Digital and mobile campaigns so that their ads appear on at least more than 50 sites.

If the Magnifying Glass Is Applied to These Data Another Impact

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Also, marketers are aware that maybe some of this is not quite right. Asked if they had thought about lowering their figures and reducing this massive element. 63% acknowledge that they have talked about creating whitelists of sites. You only have to remember the first data of the study to know that few are doing it. And this is a problem since the respondents themselves admit to suffering many of the problems. That are attributed to programmatic advertising and this massive purchase of advertising space. 52% acknowledge that

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