A podcaster might use this type if they’re expecting to create sound recordings from many different angles. This would typically not be the best choice for podcasters, since it’s likely to pick up a lot of unwanted background noise. Figure-8 or Bi-directional microphones pick up Monaco Email List sounds from two sides. Monaco Email List If you’re interested in doing an interview-style podcast you may be interested in this style. Sound will only be captured on the front and the back of the mic, not on the sides. Monaco Email List Shotgun microphones are similar to a cardioid microphone, but the sound pick-up is even more directional. This type of mic will only pick up sound right in front of it and will block out all other ambient noise.

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Switchable/Multi-Pattern microphones allow you to Monaco Email List switch between directions so you can use your microphone for different situations. Boom Armor Stand Your mic may come with a stand, but if it doesn’t, you’ll want to purchase something to keep it steady. A stand will be less expensive, but a boom arm can come in handy for easily Monaco Email List positioning your mic. Shock Mount Anything you can use to reduce unwanted noise pollution is worth the extra investment. A shock mount is especially useful for a boom arm but is also beneficial if Monaco Email List you’re using a stand. Essentially, the shock mount absorbs any movement that happens around the mic. For instance, if you accidentally bump the table while recording.

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The shock mount will absorb the movement and your Monaco Email List won’t pick up additional sounds from the movement. Pop Filter Certain sounds routinely used in speech can be amplified when spoken into a mic. Examples of this would be the “p” and “b” sounds. These are referred to as plosive sounds. If you’re too close to the mic, they can sound loud and annoying. The sound is distracting and off-putting to the ear, which is why many people on Monaco Email List choose to use a pop filter on their mics. USB Cord A USB cord is necessary, whether you’ve chosen to use a USB microphone or an XLR microphone. In the case of the

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