For just over 10 years the social media industry has been successful. Even setting a precedent one of the first lessons learned. About this sector is the application of disruptive. Models is one of the keys to success.  As long as.  The level of change within the environment itself. Today after knowing how the platforms work and after using some in particular. One can think that it is impossible to compete in this market. The truth is that, as in any other type of segment. Although it may seem complicated it does not mean. Accounts registered in its desktop and mobile version. It is at this point where new markets intervene such as dating applications.

Especially in the World of Apps and Social Networks Since

Beyond Facebook Twitter Instagram whats app or even youtube. There are other social platforms that also have a good number. Of users and the examples are clear Reddit or Badoo. Which maintains an average of 6.09 minutes per user. Per day according to figures of the Iraq B2B List consultant Alexa. Ok, cupid with an average of 10 minutes or LinkedIn the social network. For businessmen and workers which has an average of 500 million users. According to Statista the number of social network users. Worldwide reached 2.34 billion and is expected to grow to 2.955 million by 2020. Globally the market leader remains Facebook surpassing one billion users.

The Region With the Highest Penetration in the Use of Social

Iraq B2B List

Networks is north america with 66 percent followed by south america and east asia. In the united states it is estimated. That the number of users will exceed 216 million in 2021. This means that 77 percent of people have. At least one profile within these networks. For its part a pew research report studied. That the use of social media is greater in the suburbs. Of america and among those who earn more than 75 thousand dollars a year. Although these networks have had an impact. Their business model is already known. As mentioned before the important thing is to be able to change. The landscape of these platforms to obtain an optimistic future.

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