The digital age has transformed the way we live. That is what we see in our daily lives with the use of devices and what we can do with them. But the revolution goes beyond each process, service. Object and product from which data is collected that is turning our world into a cognitive universe. With millions of information variables that are transformed into knowledge. What we think, do and create is translated into data. The power of our current systems allows us not only to analyze them. But also to predict, diagnose, anticipate, think. Data fuels and empowers cognitive business . You see the difference? We are not talking about digital business, digital is now understood as part of nature, just a context.

Technology Is Part of Our Ecosystem and It Will Be Even

Data and its interpretation are no longer alien to us, they are part of our human nature. Technology is part of our ecosystem, and it will be even more so with. The universalization of the internet of things, iot. The relevance of neuroscience in this context is not by chance. Never before have we had so much analytical capacity to understand (ourselves). It’s unbelievable to assume that. We can continue to waste that Burma B2B List cognitive potential by not focusing properly, and not making. Strategic investment decisions now. We must encourage ourselves to be the first in the ark that takes us to the next step. Big data is not a big deal, it is just the beginning of something much more spectacular. Systems learn as they interact with people, naturally, without programming .

Now We Experience That Data Is the Raw Material of Life

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Until now we perceived that the data came from certain defined and structured sources, easily identifiable, that supplied us with information and not always with knowledge, due to our lack of vision or foresight. Now we experience that data is the raw material of life, that the sources are innumerable and that 80% of the 25 trillion bytes of data per day are unstructured, cognitive solutions have arrived to change forever the life we ​​have had until now. The way of relating, of consuming, everything will be part of the new era, the Cognitive Era . To put it in simple terms, Big Data with the power of cognitive analytical computing provides us with personality insights.

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