Currently it is a format in full expansion that few marketers want to give up. And it is already common for brands to have a video plan that goes far beyond advertising content. Including tutorials on social networks. Offering moving images in the website itself or even betting on more artistic formats such as short films. A new wyzowl survey of marketers and consumers takes another look at the state of video marketing. Revealing a host of insightful data on how video is being used and its potential as a marketing tool.

The Investment in Video Grows Vertiginously and Year After Year

Video is a very versatile element, not only is it used to achieve very diverse objectives. But marketers are also distributing and promoting it through multiple channels. From the web to social networks. The Bolivia B2B List report highlights, however. That although marketers have no doubts about the roi of this tool. They are still struggling to find the most effective ways to promote it. Which means that its potential can still be exploited in the future. 45% of companies that use videos have one explaining. How their own website works; 83% consider that introductory video very effective. By channels, 87% use videos on social networks (of which 78% consider them to be an effective tactic) and 47% in email campaigns (80% consider them to be effective).

Half of the Businesses That Use Video Say They Have Difficulty Promoting

Bolivia B2B List


Although videos are becoming popular at lightning speed, do not believe that all companies have joined enthusiasts, whether for financial reasons, lack of technical knowledge or simply lack of interest. What the report does emphasize is that the vast majority of companies that do not currently use video plan to do so in the more or less near future. 42% of respondents who were not yet using video expected to do so in the future.

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