We have the enormous fortune of working in a completely innovative industry, in which creativity has long since ceased to be exclusive to content, and which, thanks to technological advances, also reaches formats and channels. Throughout 2015 we have been seeing how the digital phenomenon progressed and how more and more Marketing professionals are launching to innovate in this area and giving it more and more importance in their strategies and budgets.

This Year That We Are Now Starting Will Follow That Path

we will see how the development of cross-device strategies abounds. This is undoubtedly one of the great challenges of this year. Nowadays, the most common thing is that the same user has different devices (smartphones, tablets, computers). What’s more, it is likely that he has them twice: some for private use and others for work, so the number is multiplied. The difficulty lies in Uruguay B2B List identifying that user as one and not as each of the devices he uses, as happens in most cases. Given that in 2016 devices will continue to proliferate -especially due to the development of new wearables-, it will be increasingly complex to understand and effectively track the path followed by the user. Therefore, cross-device intelligence will be one of the big trends.

Will Continue to Be the Subject of Headlines in 2016

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One of the thorniest topics over the past year has been the debate about the role of ad blockers. But it is quite likely that the discussion will end this year. The reactions and measures adopted by companies such as yahoo. Which has decided to prevent the use of its email services by those users who use ad blockers. Will be detrimental to the use of these programs. It will be increasingly clear if they want to access free content and services. Users must have advertising as a consideration. However, it is also true that the industry should work on finding formulas to make advertising more relevant and better segmented. So that it is more attractive to users and serves to get the most out of budgets.

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