Currently, the idea of ​​having a single job for a lifetime no longer exists. Most professionals today will go through a career. Transition or transformation multiple times during their. Working lives especially it workers who are constantly. Learning new skills at the same time companies. Need to be more flexible and agile than ever before. Both to meet the needs of digital transformation and a changing. Workforce that demands greater flexibility in the workplace. For a variety of personal and professional reasons. For example statistics from pwc show that in the year 2000. Approximately 20 percent of workers in large corporations.  To rise to 60 percent. The work model outside a company is gaining relevance.

Being Freelance Is Becoming More and More Priority Internal

In today’s volatile market where downsizing and budget. Flexibility are key to staying competitive and defending. Against digital disruption outside workers are often. Preferred over in-house employees. In it the numbers are even higher with the Kazakhstan B2B List external workforce. Which now commands around 70 percent of global company budgets. For companies it is more profitable to hire external. Specialists for certain jobs than to train internal teams. However finding external talent in it is not always easy. If you want to hire through recruitment agencies or social. Networks it can be slow and expensive. Blockchain tech expert igor putrenko explains.  Work model one solution is to recruit through an online marketplace.

Platform Especially in Design and Marketing You Can Find

Kazakhstan B2B List

Different sites that are tailored to find staff for short. Freelance projects and others for longer term. Blockchain allows companies. To have much greater visibility as each stage of project delivery. Can be tracked without the need for manual checks. Greatly improving efficiency and saving companies a fortune in the process. A smart contract can store personal information such as previous experience. Titles, skills, etc. Because this information is on a blockchain. It cannot be tampered with. In the it sector one of the main challenges for employers and recruitment. Agencies is having to find new professionals to work on projects. In the short and medium term a problem. That will only get worse with an increasingly decentralized workforce.


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