Here’s how you could write and structure sections within these types of blog post templates: Definition: At the beginning of your post (or at least within the first couple of paragraphs). Somalia Email List you need to give a clear Somalia Email List definition of the term. You might start your post with “X is …” or “X is…” then give a one-paragraph definition. Subsections: A very short glossary post may not need subsections, but it Somalia Email List normally makes sense to include some. You could use common questions here – a great way to find these is to type “what is X” into Google, then look at the “People always ask” section. Conclusion: A great way to conclude a glossary post is with links to other posts.

How To Write An About Page For Your Blog.

These could either be related terms – for instance, if Somalia Email List someone’s interested in “What is WordPress?” they will likely also be interested in “What is a WordPress Theme?” Or, you could link to how-to guides or listicles that relate to the topic. Glossary Blog Post Examples What is WordPress? The Difference Between and In this long-form glossary post, I have a clear definition of WordPress upfront. The rest of the post digs into key topics about the difference between and, as this is an area that often confuses new readers. I also explain what themes and plugins are.

New To Starting A Blog With WordPress?

What is a Permalink? How to Make SEO-Friendly Somalia Email List Permalinks and Edit Them. This glossary post on my blog explains clearly what a permalink is and how the default permalink structure is created in WordPress. It also explains why the permalink is important, talks about the difference between a slug and a permalink, as well as Somalia Email List walking through my best practices for creating SEO-friendly permalinks that’ll help your content rank higher in search results—with plenty of links to additional content throughout. 6. Case Somalia Email List Study Post Template Case Study Blog Post Templates (Example) Screenshot from Optinmonster What is a Case Study Post? A case study is a post that shares specific, real-life results.  specific results.

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