Where is online marketing going? What are the strategies that are reaping the greatest roots among brands? The truth is that despite being faced with a malleable and changing discipline. The behavior of companies and advertisers allows us to draw a map of the future with regard to the advertising sector. Which will be marked by strategies based on the marketing of content as well as native advertising. That is, at least, what emerges from the latest research carried out by the pulse point company. It has measured the evolution of online marketing and how brands and advertisers are adopting it. Content marketing and native advertising as part of their strategies.

The Trend Towards These Two Strategies Is Not Limited Only to the Future

In this sense, the data is clearly in favor of these two trends. In fact, the most significant result of the research is related to the greater volume of investment. That companies say they are willing to carry out in online Partners Email Lists marketing in the next two years, which is around 59%. A figure that is also relevant with regard to the brands that assure that they. Will choose to increase their investment volume relative to native advertising. This is calculated at 46% of those surveyed by this company however, the trend towards these. Two strategies is not limited only to the future intentions of the brands but to their present perception.

This Is Why They Will Continue Betting on the Future

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Along the same lines, more than half of those surveyed indicated that for them. The commercialization of the content they publish as well as native advertising is “Very significant”. Which is why they will continue betting on the future. With what purpose? It may be that more than one is formulating this question at this point. To which this research also answers. In fact, according to pulsepoint. 67% of companies say they use both types of strategies to improve customer engagement with their brands.

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