When making a purchase decision and sticking with one product or another, consumers are looking for more and more information and need more and more details about what these products are like and their characteristics. Therefore, the opinions and comments of other consumers are increasingly valuable and more and more sought after and followed. But the truth is that consumers increasingly ask for more sophisticated elements. Some time ago, all they expected from others was their opinions and that they valued it was, without more, the written word, but now they have become much more demanding and, above all, they are beginning to take it for granted and for granted. much more complex elements.

Consumers Love to See, as Evidenced by the Boom in Product

Consumers no longer only want brands to share content. About their products and therefore provide photos and videos about them. Now they also want other consumers. Those who talk about the products and who Buy Norway WhatsApp Numbers share information about them, to do the same. The general explanation behind this reality may seem obvious. The photos and videos seem to be much more sincere and honest material and in which the product can be seen better. Without cheating or cardboard, and in which it is much more realistic when it is done by the consumers themselves.

Boost Photo for Brands, This Creates a New Source of Tension

Despite the fact that it seems that consumers organically feel inclined to publish. This type of content and launch this type of format. Brands must work to ensure that the weight and presence of photographs are much greater. They have to create opportunities and they have to make consumers feel much more inclined to share this type of content. Brands have to create ‘photo moments’. Using surprising or eye-catching packaging can make consumers more inclined to post an image online of. What they just bought, as they can if the brand incentivizes the behavior from within the product itself

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