Today’s commerce must be omnichannel, or at least that is what consumers expect – and increasingly demand. For many retailers and sellers, this is a challenge, but making the effort to unite the different online and offline channels has a reward: customer satisfaction. And it is that retailers that offer services such as being able to pick up and return online orders in store receive high praise from consumers, and a new Internet Retailer survey reveals that 91% of consumers who have been able to pick up an online order in store qualify the experience as good or excellent.

It Can Be Concluded That the Time and Money That Retailers Are Investing

The survey also shows that 40% of consumers who had bought a product online during the past year had decided to pick it up at the store itself on some occasion. The service, moreover, pleased almost everyone, as we saw before, and the Austria B2B List majority said that it was likely that they would choose this option again in the future. In addition, older consumers were the most likely to use this service: 52% of fifty-somethings opted for it, compared to only 43% of younger guys. Likewise, older adults tended to rate the experience “excellent” more often, while younger kids rated the experience simply as “good.”

But Only 18% of Retailers Offer a Truly Multi-channel Experience

Austria B2B List

In addition to the service of buying online and picking up in-store. Consumers also value being able to return their online purchase in a physical establishment. Avoiding managing a shipment, and any type of cost. 33% of consumers had used this option in the past year. And 92% considered the experience to be good or excellent. Despite the fact that consumers are very clear that. They want to buy from retailers that have managed to integrate all their sales and customer service channels. Offering a cohesive experience regardless of the purchase path they choose, it is not so easy to find it.

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