One of the common consumer complaints is that the ads are downright bad. In general, consumers do not like the messages that brands. Launch and are not interested in the formats used to connect with them. Their complaints almost always focus on the fact that the brands are too heavy. Their messages are too spammy and that they use the same tricks over and over again. Consumers are fed up with business as usual and are especially upset with what brands are doing online. Where annoying practices seem to have increased a thousandfold (at least from a consumer perspective). Internet users are annoyed by ads that follow them around the web. Those that are unfolding and annoying, those that are hidden in the middle of the news. Text or those that are practically impossible to close.

It Is No Secret That Consumers Are Quite Fed Up With Advertising

It is no secret that consumers are quite fed up with advertising and the actions that brands follow to connect with them. But the truth is that brands also seem to be increasingly aware of this state of affairs. On the one hand, consumers are becoming more active in expressing themselves. Their regrets are doing so more and more loudly. On the other hand, and as revealed in a Brazil Business Fax List recent interview, Ignacio Linares, CEO of the playtime app. The tools that stop ads and become a kind of border between brands and consumers are also becoming more and more common. There are adblockers and their usage rate is getting higher and higher. And it is that “Users of ‘adblockers’ grow rapidly because the advertising model is incompatible with the digital world.

The Debate About What to Do and What Not to Do Is More and More

Brazil Business Fax List

In fact, and as a study by the interactive advertising bureau (iab) in collaboration with kargo and refinery29 has just concluded. It is increasingly clear to brands and agencies that what is happening right now is not working. According to their data, three-quarters of the agency and ‘client-side’ executives surveyed believe that. The user experience that digital marketing creates right now should be improved. More specifically, according to the study’s conclusions. 73% of these managers agree with the idea that digital marketing should be improved.,

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