One of the elements that is more fashionable in recent times is a video on the internet. Brands have become obsessed with it and are trying in each and every one of the moments in which. They launch themselves to conquer the video to become the new viral. The videos have also taken virtually all scenarios by storm. The media have almost shoehorned the videos and have placed them. Thus, the videos have begun to assault the reader hidden in the middle of. The text or on the sides of the news, with an activated autorun that makes. It almost impossible to escape from them.

That Videos Are Everywhere and That Videos Are Beginning to Be Overexploited

A study has just produced a series of conclusions that. The analysis is based on data extracted from answers given by the industry itself. Which makes its conclusions even more interesting. According to the study, prepared by France B2B List content marketing. Association and based on a series of interviews with a hundred senior marketing managers and managers. At top-tier marketing agencies. Content marketers believe that brands are not betting enough for the video. According to their observations, brands are not investing enough in generating this. Content and therefore expect them to do so more in the immediate future.

The Conclusions Can Be Quickly Translated Into Numbers

France B2B List

As clare hill, managing director at the content marketing association, explains to warc. The video will have room for exponential growth during the year, as “Video continues to improve. Its position in importance and value for brands.” those responsible for them are seeing their potential and are also seeing their very positive returns. A third believe that it is very easy to measure the roi of their investment in video. Which makes the format attractive. In these measurements, 31% use views, 21% use lead to action (that is, the way in which the video makes consumers act), 19% use reach in engagement. 16% the number of views completed, and a 14 the way in which that video is shared on social networks.

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