One of the problems facing online advertising is fraud. The issue affects programmatic advertising, in which algorithms are responsible for ‘marrying’ advertisers with their audiences. The advertiser is buying an advertising space that allows him to reach a specific audience. But he does not know exactly what space it is and what medium will serve those ads. Studies and analyzes have shown that things are quite complex. Fraud is the order of the day and there are networks of cybercriminals who work by creating. Botnets allow them to fake human traffic and sell advertising space on their websites.

Added to That Are Other Problems as a Google Study Recently Showed

For the industry, this is a serious problem since programmatic advertising has been growing exponentially in recent times. While also wanting to eliminate the risks of fraud. For this reason. More and more efforts are being Belgium WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists devoted to preventing fraud and creating tools to mitigate it. In addition, companies are becoming more aware in general of internet fraud and how it affects them. Their position in the market. But fraud also has a direct impact on how consumers view businesses.

On the Other Hand Other Models of Online Fraud Such as Personal

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The forecasts are that, therefore, companies are going to try to allocate more resources to the issue. The future will pass, or that is what analysts point out, due to greater fraud detection and more intense work in this field. Internet fraud detection and prevention is expected to rise by 22% by 2022, according to a forecast from Juniper Research. This figure is linked to the growth of investment by companies in solutions for this. By the end of 2022, companies will be spending some $9 billion on tools that allow them to detect and fight online fraud.

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