Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content. With the aim of attracting and retaining customers in a less invasive way. Than traditional and effective advertising in order to maintain a return on investment. Steady in business. Although the definition is simple to understand. Putting it into practice takes time and can have catastrophic consequences for some brands. It is no longer about knowing where and when to communicate. The most important thing now is the message that is transmitted. Because nobody is perfect and when it comes to digital marketing we learn every day. I share some common mistakes we make when communicating.

Lots of Content and Little Planning Some People

Some people think that the more messages you send out per day, the greater the retention or impact rate will be. The reality is that a well-structured message is more relevant than ten poorly planned posts. It is necessary to Buy Senegal WhatsApp Numbers know our audience, to know the hours in which they connect, what type of content they like the most, and to draw up a plan that adapts to those tastes. Invest more time in learning to use tools that allow you to know this data, if it is not possible then seek the help of an expert on the subject. Every minute in the world more than 250 million contents are transmitted in different digital portals, the question is what is the objective?… Exactly! very few brands are very clear about where they want to go with digital marketing.

Before You Start Posting Just Because You Can Define Objectives

Although not all digital channels are for all audiences, it is necessary to have more than one alternative for users. Although it is the same brand, there are different types of consumers. Some are more visual, others like to read, some have more time than others but the goal is the same, they want to buy your product. Analyze the age, gender, and interests of your customers, and based on that, choose the ideal platforms for your brand. You have to have a plan for each one of them, it is not worth issuing the same message in all of them, in addition to the fact that it is very unoriginal, the user notices it and will criticize it.

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