Two internet users, women, millennials and who had followed feminist issues on facebook in the past, recognize freeda. One of the latest viral generators on the social network. One of them points out, in fact, that it is as if she is chasing her. Her messages appeared to him on a recurring basis. The page, which is making a name and recognition among the target market group (women between 25 and 35 years old). 894,253 people who have liked it and 946,331 followers. Although it is, according to its description, an online communication medium. Its website is quite poor and almost all its work is focused on creating a community on facebook. In a certain way, freeda could fit into the niche of the new millennial media born in the heat of the network. But with a very specific market niche.

It Has Several Pages on the Social Network in Different

The page does not stand alone nor is it the work of a person who started this from home and succeeded. Behind it are important names of the italian industry: an internet group. Ag digital media, linked to a berlusconi holding company and with top-tier investors. The maximum person in charge of the medium explained. In a congress – always following what they publish in the Wallis and Futuna B2B List analysis – that. Freeda actually offers companies the opportunity to come into direct contact with this target (young women between 18 and 34 years old) to through communication and marketing activities at 360 degrees”. In other words, it is simply one more way of reaching consumers. Consumers who are increasingly difficult to conquer – by the more traditional media industry.

Femvertising Vs Pinkwashing but of Course This Would

Wallis and Futuna B2B List

This would not be the only example or the only practice that went along those lines. The term pinkwashing, which was born first to talk about companies that try to position themselves as LGBTI friendly with some facelift and to take advantage of the pull of the market, has also begun to be applied in some analyzes to companies that are trying to give themselves a facelift in terms of feminism and women’s rights. It is the critical version of another term, much more friendly with the industry and that it uses, that of advertising. In recent years, there have been many very viral campaigns that focused on women’s rights or breaking stereotypes. That is what advertising is and what those who accuse them of pinkwashing are seeing with critical eyes.

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