And kudos to all of you who are following along. This Australia WhatsApp Number List week, I sent 3 outreach emails, had 2 client meetings, and sent 2 proposals for $6,500 in projects. Those contracts aren’t signed and nothing is guaranteed. So I can’t count them as booked revenue even though I feel good about both proposals I sent out. So we’re still sitting on $3,500 in booked revenue for the challenge. Before I take you “Australia WhatsApp Number List behind the scenes” of Week 2, I wanted to tie up a few loose ends from Week 1. Last week, you guys asked tons of great questions around: Landing paying clients without having a ton of samples.

Pre-Selling Your Product or Service.

The best resources for writers to sharpen their skills Australia WhatsApp Number List And what to say in meetings with clients to get the business First up, I recorded a video, walking you through entire process of how to find paying clients even if you aren’t using SolidGigs and don’t have a ton of samples to link out to. Note: In the video, I use Upwork as the example. But the same process applies for any freelance platform or place that you find clients are hiring/need help. It all come back to 3 simple things: Find the right people, Australia WhatsApp Number List send them a personalized email and get on a call with them. Second, regarding resources, I put together a quick and dirty guide on the 12 books every freelance writer should read.

 Requiring An Advance Payment.

And you can download that here. Over the Australia WhatsApp Number List past few years, I’ve kept running list of the best books for improving your skills as a copywriter/freelance writer. And these are the books I’ve found to be the most important over the years. Lastly, I wasn’t able to record a client call this week. But it’s coming! I forgot to ask on the two meetings I was on. And I’d hate to post that without their permission. Australia WhatsApp Number List Now here’s a rundown of last week. Finding clients… In the video above, you guys saw the message I sent to the guy from Upwork. That was one of my 3 outreach emails. Good news! He responded, and we’re meeting next week.

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