Must not exceed 250 characters. Add metadata to images – you can do this using <alt> tags and include/enhancement keywords. On your meta tags, maintain a balance between human preference and search engine food. Make a sitemap Cyprus Phone Number your site – pt guide seo website2 How To Build A Search Engine Optimized WebsiteBuild a text sitemap and link to it from every page of your site. This will help both human visitors and search engine spiders. Using HTML links must be simple. It must contain a keyword-rich description, which is useful for both human visitors and spiders.

Avoid Bulk Commits To Multiple

Handling your website’s navigation: You must make sure to organize your navigation according to the importance of keyword phrases. Also, link all pages of your website to the most important pages. Link to Cyprus Phone Number pages from section title pages and sitemaps. Standard HTML links work for both human visitors and search engine spiders. Be consistent across the site and treat each page individually to reach its full potential. For example, a search engine could send users looking for a BlackBerry phone to your BlackBerry page instead of the home page.

Cyprus Phone Number

Engines Google Bing

Try to be consistent – Lean your pages. Make sure that the secondary pages leading to categories have the same layout as the main page. An average word count of 350 to 550 words per page is recommended. The ideal size of a page Cyprus Phone Number smaller is better. Save any script in an external file to minimize page size and help spiders digest. Keep your pages lean: Page Size Checker. Committed to submitting your website to the selected engine – You have to decide very carefully where your target audience is and what engine they use to search the web.

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