You sign up for a cheap plan for a year, and it’s not until much later that you realize you’ll be paying far more after renewing. Web host companies know that most bloggers Thailand Phone Number List won’t want to switch to a new host Thailand Phone Number List so they often have a much better deal for joining than for renewing. When deciding which web host to choose, make sure you know what the renewal fees will be. These are Thailand Phone Number List often two or three times higher than your initial fee. For instance, you might be paying $36 for your first year (just $3/month) but your hosting costs could be $96 per year ($8/month) after that. Five Types of Hosting There are five key types of web hosting: Shared hosting (you share server resources with lots of other sites).

What if the Domain Name You Want is Already Taken?

The average cost of around $2.50 – $4 per Thailand Phone Number List month Dedicated hosting (your site is the only one on a server)—the average cost of around $100 per month Cloud hosting (using multiple servers to host a website)—average cost varies a lot depending on the rest of the package VPS hosting (a cross between shared and dedicated)—the average cost of around $20+ per month Managed WordPress hosting (extra support with Thailand Phone Number List WordPress, and additional features, like premium themes)—the average cost of around $25 per month Shared Hosting (What is Shared Web Hosting?) The most popular type of web hosting plan for new bloggers, hobbyists, side hustlers, and small businesses.

What is a Domain Name Generator?

Is shared hosting. Shared hosting is a type of Thailand Phone Number List web hosting. Where many websites are hosted on a single server (thus technically sharing the same server resources). Because everyone shares the same resources. The cost of shared hosting is lower. Making it one of the most cost-effective ways to get your website up and running. Pros of Shared Hosting Apart from being. Budget-friendly shared hosting also. Thailand Phone Number List has other advantages including. Low maintenance Ease to self-manage your hosting plan

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