We miss human treatment and closeness. In a marketing strategy, although digital marketing is essential, so are events. As a way to get closer to customers, attract them and retain them by creating experiences and gathering essential information. Reasons why event marketing is important. The organization of an event is important for the marketing strategy of your company for the following reasons. You will be able to make your company or a new product or service known in the market. Get in touch with your potential clients and capture qualified leads.

The Solution to These Problems Be to Opt for a Strategy of Less

They are a way to innovate against your competitors. It is an aspect that is becoming more and more important. The participation of people is achieved through the creation of hashtags with which the attendees spread the event and with the  Gabon B2B List use of tools such as streaming, periscope or Facebook live. The combination between the virtual and the real. As you have seen, the advantages can be very important and in order to enjoy them, it is essential that you organize the event in an innovative way and that you analyze all the data of the event to know what works and what needs improvement.

The Application in Marketing The Same Ideas

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Current trends in the organization of events We have all attended seminars, conferences, fairs or conferences, but things are no longer as they were long ago. Companies have organized their own events for many years, but the influence of new technologies has led to new trends that influence the organization of events. They are the following: Gamification. Using a game in a non-game environment is a bet that many events use and that works. It is that a subject or content that can be difficult for the public, is fun. Technological developments. The technology used in events is increasingly sophisticated. From apps to holographs that help present a product without it being physically present, through virtual or augmented reality, the use of cutting-edge technologies is the order of the day.

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