Christmas is upon us once again, and with that comes the desire to spend more time with what really matters; find meaning, peace, and comfort. For many, this will mean bonding with family, friends, and loved ones, caring for others, and feeling cared for. However, brands have to make a great effort to communicate happiness, festivity and capitalize on the sentiment of customers with Christmas. The difference of a good campaign is how much it manages to make the brand increase its sales vs. the previous year, and how much sales volume it manages to remove from the competition. As Christmas approaches, there is at least one thing that is as certain as the overconsumption of holiday foods and desserts: Christmas commercials.

Consumers Are With a Different Programming They Are in Buy

It is clear that each video clip makes the most of a story and makes the most of emotional moments. Everyone likes a sensational story at christmas time. An emotional story bridge is a powerful psychological tool for making. A brand memorable and stands out, and the ads really make the most of that. However, there are more subtle parts of copywriting. Which also changes the way we feel. One of the Burundi B2B List ways emotions are formed is through the facial expressions displayed. We respond assertively to others, and sometimes we actually feel what they feel.

Using Various Neuromarketing Techniques and Tools

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It has been shown that despite millions of years of evolution and development of abstract thinking and critical thinking, human beings continue to rely heavily on emotions when making decisions. This means that no matter the lists of gifts based on the numerical analysis that the buyer makes, the pros and cons of each of the gifts, the decisions that are made will be based on the most primitive thinking that the human being has and not on the abstract and conscious side of the brain. The subconscious is the boss. As Dr.Bachrach put it at the time, 95% of purchasing decisions are unconscious. Therefore, the season is full of emotion and trying to create and grow those feelings in consumers.

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