In the panorama of things that are almost expected when going to a restaurant in recent times. There is a new almost stereotype of customers. At some table there will be a child and that child will be glued to the screen of a smartphone or tablet. If you are sitting near that table, it is likely that during the meal you will have to follow the adventures of some animated. Character in a video uploaded to youtube as background sound. If a few years ago experts and educators talked about the problem of the silly box and how television had become a kind of recurrent babysitter, being used more and more regularly to entertain children. Now it could be done the same with smartphones and the internet.

The Issue Is Also Quite Different From What Television Involved

Studies suggest that the trend is increasing. The consumption times of mobile screens of American children. The last market in which data has been obtained (and the one that usually works as a kind of measuring element of Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List what will happen later in other markets). Are now practically 10 times more than they were in 2011. And these are data also linked to the age range from 0 to 8 years. In 2011 their mobile times were around 5 minutes a day. Right now they are practically in their 50s. As a director of an NGO that analyzes media consumption points out to quartz. There has been a “Seismic” change. Added to this is the fact that not only are children increasingly accessing content from mobile screens. But they are also increasingly accessing content from their own mobile screens.

Rules for Advertising And It Is That on the Internet Children Can Not Only Access

On the internet, it is almost a man for himself. In the midst of all those cartoon series. That you watch on the different video and social media platforms, you will be served ads. The question is even a problem when it is a platform designed directly for them. As was seen in the launch of youtube kids. When it appeared on the market, there were complaints that. It had too many advertisements and was not suitable for children. In fact, many of the messages he was serving then would not have passed the filter of what was considered suitable for television. And it is that on tv advertisers have to comply with strict rules about what they announce. How they do it and what time they broadcast it.

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