Innovative start-ups dream of one day matching the success of tech giant Netflix. It has long been a mystery to outsiders how the company has grown from a relatively small American start-up to a global market leader in just a few years. At the end of 2019, Netflix had a whopping 167 million paid subscribers, generating a staggering $5.5 billion in revenue. How did Netflix manage this? For the first time, one of the co-founders and also the current. CEO of Netflix opens up about the secret Netflix formula in the book ‘ No Rules Rules ‘ (aff.).

Is this book for you?

According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, the company’s unique corporate culture is at the heart of its success. Talent density is the key word Most traditional companies have a corporate culture that focuses on policies and controls. At Netflix, they are convinced that you can ditch all these Antarctica Email Lists procedures. You can give your employees complete freedom when you have the highest possible talent density . CEO Reed Hastings defines talent density as the number of top colleagues in your company.

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At Netflix we are not a family

By building an organization that only consists of top performers , you can leave out more and more controls and other restrictions on freedom and focus on what really matters: maximum innovation. Not only does a high talent density lead to more innovation, it also makes you an even more attractive employer. Finally, talented, ambitious people prefer to work in teams with other talented colleagues. In this they can make maximum use of their.

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