In the war of the vod platforms to take control of the market.  Apart from what they are doing on social networks and how they compete to be the most dynamic. The ones with the most interesting profile or those that make more winks to their followers/consumers. They all want to be the best and they all have a few things in common. One of them is clearly the use of gifs. All you have to do is enter the profiles on Twitter in Spain of HBO or Netflix, shop around and see how the content of this type accumulates. His latest tweets are full of gifs.

The importance of the gif is already decisive Internet users

And not only that: the image of its contents and the conversations about its products are made in gifs. Each chapter of his star series is torn apart by his followers of him not only in a collection of memes. But also in a collection of gifs that begin to circulate on the network and are shared massively. In fact, the success of Qatar’s email database free these gifs can be so high that they end up entering popular culture. Being used and shared even by those who are not followers of these successful series. And who does not really know the characters? The gif thus becomes a kind of outpost that makes the content even more popular. Reaches many more potential consumers than it would have otherwise.

As a Columnist From the Drum Points Out  One Would Have to Live

As a columnist from The Drum points out, one would have to live in a cave not to have already found out that the border has been crossed and the era of visual communication has started. We use more and more images in our online conversations. This is not only the case with the ubiquitous emojis, ultra-popular in conversations of all kinds, but also with gifs. As you remember, one of the latest statistics (and limited to only one platform, Giphy), indicated that 300 million people used it every day. Consumers have gone to the gif and companies have to be able to play with these weapons.

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