In recent years, it could be said that hardly a couple of months go by without top marketing. Managers see a new responsibility assigned to them. In recent times, its profile has also become the one that must assume. Leadership in matters of growth, the one that has absorbed more technological elements. And the one that has to design the omnichannel experience. That will make the consumer always happy. Now, they are also the ones who have to assume that their company is ethical. Although how they will do it seems one more of the many doubts. What marketers need to resolve in the immediate future.

Ethics, Increasingly Important This Has Just Been Demonstrated

Ethics has gone from being an issue that appeared in some articles and analyzes and was associated. With a specific type of company to becoming something more generalized. In recent years, consumers have Egypt email list demanded that. Companies have principles and values ​​and that these be more visible and clear. Also, they don’t want them to be just gallery-facing. They hope they’ll work “For real.” for this reason, they ask companies for more transparency than ever. But also that they implement the greatest possible controls so. That what they promise is what they are really doing.

Most Would Leave an Unethical Company  Although 82% of Marketer

This has just been demonstrated by a study by the world federation of advertisers (wfa). Which has used marketing managers from global. Companies with high investment in advertising as a sample. According to their data, 74% of CMOS believe that data ethics will become an important part of them. Role in the next five years. But despite this awareness, and despite the fact that data and data ethics have become increasingly. Important topic on their agenda, only 48% currently have a clear and official data ethics policy. Basically. As they point out in the drum, there’s a clear separation between what. They should be doing what they themselves think is important and what they’re ‘really’ doing.

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