That was pretty straight-forward. But I wanted to Austria WhatsApp Number List show you guys an unconventional way to find clients. Because potential clients are everywhere! You just have to be looking for them. For example, I saw a post on Facebook asking people to share their #1 goal for the week. And this was one of the comments on the post: The guy who posted that comment is actually a very successful entrepreneur. Austria WhatsApp Number List And when I saw it, my eyes lit up. Because I knew I could help. So I drafted up this email and sent it right out: And this response came back the next day! The meeting went great. And I feel good that we’ll get something underway soon.

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Could be about $1,500 worth of business. Not Austria WhatsApp Number List bad for just following up with a Facebook comment! Doing the work… I know this isn’t the “sexiest” part of the challenge, but a big focus this week was working on the project that I landed in week 1. I spent 1 hour before and 1 hour after work each day cranking away on the writing itself. And that was challenging! Thankfully, I got a first draft of the project done Austria WhatsApp Number List and sent it along to the client for feedback. I’ll be wrapping that project up this week. So I should be able to get that off my plate soon. And I’ll be able to turn my attention back to more projects for them. Conclusion Even though I booked $0 this week.

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I’m feeling okay going into next week. The Austria WhatsApp Number List outstanding proposals I have could be big, but, like I said, nothing is guaranteed so I’ll continue with my outreach. If we’re not able to get started, I’ll share a few more unconventional ways I (and you guys) can go about finding clients. Back to you! Are you enjoying the challenge so far? What do you want to see more of next week? Let me know in the Austria WhatsApp Number List comments below! Week 1 update! Week 1 of The $5,000 Freelance Writing Challenge is on the books. And while I ran into some significant challenges this week.

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