.Your niche can be as narrow as single-player board games, like the podcast Solosaurus, or as broad as foreign policy, like the podcast Pod Save the World. Solosaurus Podcast Screenshot (Example of Starting a Podcast) We’ll discuss it in greater detail below, but you also have numerous options for a podcast format. Mali Email List You can interview guests, Mali Email List creates a scripted fiction story, produce a solo show, or variations in between. Whether you’re producing fiction or non-fiction podcasts, there’s still an element of storytelling. It feels like you’re going back in time to the 1930s when the family gathered around the radio to hear the news. It’s Mali Email List just a lot of fun. Now that we’ve talked about this history of podcasts and what makes them so exciting, let’s get right into how to start a podcast.

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How to Start a Podcast (and Make Money) in 13 Mali Email List Easy Steps 1. Develop a Concept for Your Podcast Creating a concept for your podcast is very similar to choosing a niche to blog about. Consider: What are you extremely passionate about? What other kinds of things are you interested in? Would you be able to talk about it for months, or Mali Email List even years? Choose a Niche You could have a podcast without a distinct niche, but it’s much harder to develop an audience when they don’t know what to expect. It’s also hard to market and share a podcast with no clear focus. Picking a niche doesn’t mean you have to choose an extremely narrow topic, either. As stated above, your topic can be narrow or really broad.

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The main thing is — regardless of your niche — make sure Mali Email List your concept brings something new to the table. How will your podcast compare to others tackling a similar idea? Think About Your Podcast’s Intended Audience When you’re starting a podcast, another big consideration is, who is your intended audience? When you’re Mali Email List picking your niche and developing your podcast, try to imagine your ideal listener. Will they share the same interests? Is there already a community of people looking for the content you want to create? Remember, your podcast should be about what you want to talk about and what your audience is interested in listening to.

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