What is disney media plus and its importance in digital. Marketing are some of the questions answered by. Jose sosa senior manager of disney media plus in an exclusive. Interview for merca2.0 walt disney is one of the most recognized. Companies in the entertainment industry according to statista. At the end of fiscal year 2017 the media segment reported revenues. Of approximately 23.5 billion dollars which represented. A decrease of about 180 million compared to the. Figure registered during the previous year. Despite these figures, the company is still. One of the most recognized worldwide and this has. Been achieved thanks to brand innovation and the implementation.

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In our experiences, shows and sporting events. The contribution for the brand lies in having different. Channels and thus reaching millions of consumers towards various segments. With different content and synergies 2 what are the Risk Managers Email List digital strategies. That disney mexico implements and how does it focus on the consumer. There are three schemes mainly the media scheme. Which is based on a premium advertising. Inventory for the integration of advertisers. The second scheme is the development of content or. Branded entertainment based on a large part of the talent. Of the most important influencers in mexico integrating brands. In an organic and natural way promoting authenticity and trust towards the user.

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Risk Managers Email List

The user with high engagement and quality content. Much but the most important thing is the generation of relevant. Content towards the user that they understand it that. They know it and above all that they listen to it. Brands must meet the main needs of users, brands must. Consider the affinity and contextuality of the content. Without the latter engagement and. Above all brand loyalty and fidelity are not achieved one of the clearest trends. And one that is currently setting the standard is artificial intelligence as a digital. Advertising strategy chatbots big data analytics and other ways have. Allowed us to get to know consumers in real time together they are. Their most important wants and needs. As well as the generation of actions of high impact towards the consumer.


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