Personalization has become one of the key elements that brands can use to offer messages that better connect with consumers at a time when consumers are generally quite reluctant to receive messages from brands. Companies now have a wide range of tools and, above all, a huge amount of data that allows them to connect with consumers and understand what they want, what they are interested in and what they are looking for. Personalization can now go beyond starting emails with ‘Dear So-and-so’. Now brands can serve the exact message that each consumer wants to receive at the specific time they want to see it.

Getting What Is Said Right and Offering the Exact and Specific Message

The consumer will feel a greater connection with it and will also receive the information in a much more efficient and effective way. It will be something that really interests them. In the midst of all the noise he receives daily. That content will directly appeal to his interests and intentions and connect directly with him. But brands need to be careful because the line between. What is CANADA B2B List interesting and what is simply disturbing is a delicate one. Consumers want messages from brands that are interesting and relevant to them, but they don’t want brands. To know too much about them (or unless they prove it).

The General Feeling of Consumers About Information


How to find the balance if, in addition to everything. A recent study by accenture indicated that 56% of consumers are more inclined to use a service or a retailer. That offers a personalized experience and is thus pushing brands down. The path of hyper-personalization? ? Perhaps the question is to really understand what personalization is and what. It is not and to begin to see that the question is not to know everything. To know but rather to focus on what one knows. Brands have to be like that observant friend who is capable of analyzing. What you do and showing that he is up to date, but that he is not asking you questions 24 hours a day.

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