Strategies related to online marketing have undergone a significant change in recent times. Due in large part to the rise of mobile devices and social networks. Whose use among internet users is increasingly notable. That is why no one should be surprised by the companies’ commitment to those strategies. That promote their results through these tools and supports. This is the case of real-time marketing. Whose penetration and reach among brands has been increasing notably in recent times. This is due, according to recent research by wayin, to the benefits that this strategy brings them. Which translate into an improvement in their conversion rate. In fact, according to this study, carried out by the company during the month of march. 42% of the companies surveyed recognized that real time marketing was responsible for between 26% and 50% of the roi they obtain.

A Significant Balance That Explains the Increase in Investment

These results show the evolution of the perception of brands in relation to real-time marketing and its effectiveness, since other previous studies established that companies were still struggling to take advantage of the Lesotho B2B List potential of real-time marketing. Thus, a December 2014 study carried out by eConsultancy indicated that only 17% of companies that had carried out a strategy based on real-time marketing had managed to respond satisfactorily to questions asked by users on social networks. Similarly, this study shows that only 49% responded to them partially and that 34% did not respond at all.

The Motivations of the Companies on the Contrary

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The document offered by wayin not only suggests that brands are benefiting from real-time marketing, but also that they are betting heavily on it by verifying the benefits in terms of return on investment that they can offer. This is due to the motivations that move them to bet on this online marketing tactic. And what are these reasons? According to wayn, the main motivation of brands (56% of them) is to create a bond with the customer. They are followed by the promotion of events and being able to complete the existing content on their web pages, with 55% and 51% of the positive responses of those interviewed, respectively.

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