The smartphone has become the favorite internet connection device for 9 out of 10 consumers. Increasingly, the mobile has been displacing the computer in all kinds of actions. From looking for a product to entering social networks. From watching a video to contracting service, from using instant messaging services to reading the newspaper. And given that we already spend more time on mobile than any other device. It’s no wonder that branded content works better on the small screen too. As a new report from polar reveals. The need to bet on a brand content strategy that is “Mobile-first”.

Smartphone Users Interact With Brand Content for an Average

Because the time that smartphone users spend with sponsored content is, on average, 63% higher than that of users who access via computer. Specifically, smartphone users interact with brand Croatia B2B List content for an average of 119 seconds, tablet users, 89 seconds, and desktop users, only 73. In addition, the click rate is also 127% higher on smartphones than on computers. According to Polar, this could be because smartphones offer fewer distractions than computers: “The dominance of the smartphone in the amount of engagement time can be attributed to several factors. The linear path of the reader ensures that there are fewer distractions and less chance of click to go from sponsored content to another site. Also, the content is adapting more and more to the format.

In Addition to Analyzing Engagement by Device, the Study

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In addition to analyzing engagement by device, the study also analyzes the attention branded content receives based on the theme of. The medium and reveals that the more focused and specialized it is. The more attentive the reader will be. In addition, sponsored content from industries that perform better tends to. Align better with the media audience, for example. Financial media typically sell sponsored content campaigns to related service brands such as insurance brokers. And they give the example of economic and financial media because these are, by far. The ones that achieve the greatest engagement in their sponsored content. With an average time per content of 323, more than triple that of news or lifestyle media.

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