The programmatic era is a reality and has brought with it challenges and opportunities for marketing. Directors to achieve optimal results in their campaigns. In fact, a study that we have carried out from our company shows the following. Expectations and pressure on brand managers to achieve roi are higher than ever. With 93% of respondents saying so. A large majority (76%) think that the ability to test the effectiveness of the campaign is becoming more and more important for today’s CMO to succeed. At the same time, 60% of the participants agreed with the statement. It is becoming more difficult to select the appropriate metrics to measure success.

The Digitization of Advertising, Particularly With Programmatic

Brand marketing was primarily addressed. Traditional media channels such as television print or outdoor display advertising. These channels had technical limitations and metrics. They basically consisted of Buy Luxembourg WhatsApp Numbers market research carried out before and after a campaign. Something that used to be expensive and complicated. Today, however, brand marketing managers work with data-driven. Approaches that can be more easily measured. This increases the expectations of the campaign but also translates into opportunities totes.

As a result of All This and as Our Research Reveals Brand Managers

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These expectations faced by managers increase the pressure on the justification of campaigns. As also shown by a recent iab study, according to which campaign metrics have become such an important element for the evaluation. Of programmatic display buying campaigns like direct response data. Although more than half of the respondents (60%) said they use click as an effective measure. 42% mentioned brand awareness as the way they evaluate their campaigns. The study also showed that the choice of metrics was related to the degree of development of programmatic buying in each market. While only 10% of respondents indicated that they evaluate their campaigns based on “brand fit”. This number almost doubled (up to 19%) when considering only those markets that have progressed in terms of programmatic.

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