How do leading companies use social networks and what do they look for in them? How do they reach consumers using social media? These are questions that today, despite the fact that social networks have been with us for many years. Experts continue to ask themselves and those who make marketing decisions in. The rest of the corporations continue to want to know the answer. The largest and most popular companies are often the recurring object of observation. A study was carried out by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth center for marketing research. Has analyzed how the companies that make up the fortune 500 rankings. Which are the 500 most outstanding companies behaved during the year that is about to end.

Their Conclusions Allow Profiling the Use They Make of Social

Their conclusions allow profiling the use they make of social media. Companies have some very clear elements about how social networks work. For example, LinkedIn is the china email list most popular social network with the highest penetration among companies. 98% of large corporations have a profile on this social network. In addition, some social networks have been rising like foam as they have gained popularity, as is the case with Instagram. A few years ago, corporate blogs became one of those fashionable elements in the online presence strategy of companies. However, the boom in social networks and the fact that they had become a fashionable element that companies saw more and more potential ended up having an impact on blogs, which began to seem ‘so yesterday

What Do the Numbers Say 53% of the Most Relevant

53% of the most relevant companies have a corporate blog. The figure shows an upward trend. In 2013, only 34% of the companies had a corporate blog, and that year was a peak moment in the period from 2009 to 2015. Last year, only 42% of the companies analyzed had a corporate blog. Companies publish content about their activities and their news, but also about their philanthropic actions or about topics that interest them or that are linked to their industry.

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