It’s sometimes also called a step-by-step guide. Key Benefits of the How-to Post Format How-to posts are: Hugely popular with readers. Look at any popular blog and you’ll see that plenty of their top posts is Saudi Arabia Email List how-to posts. These match well with users’ search intent, as people will often search for how to do something. Saudi Arabia Email List Great for helping readers take action, which means they’ll see real Saudi Arabia Email List results from reading your blog. Easy to write and structure as the steps need to be ordered chronologically (in the order in which the reader would do them). What to Include in Your How-to Post A how-to blog post template includes A short introduction, previewing what you’re going to teach the reader.

Understand Your Target Audience.

Numbered steps, with enough explanation of Saudi Arabia Email List each for the reader to follow the instructions. A conclusion, which could encourage the reader to take the first step. Here’s how you could write and structure each of Saudi Arabia Email List those main components: Introduction: Ideally, keep this relatively short: the reader wants to learn how to do whatever you’re teaching them. you could add a “Why” section after the introduction and before the numbered step if you think that the reader may need to be convinced of the Saudi Arabia Email List benefits. Alternatively, you might have a brief “What” section to explain a key idea or concept that readers need to understand. Number Step The main body of your how-to post is made up of several steps. It’s a good idea to think these through ahead of time before you start writing.

 Pick a Winning Blog Post Topic to Pursue.

Sometimes, the steps will be fairly obvious; Saudi Arabia Email List other times, you may need to carefully think through the process. If you’re struggling to come up with the right steps, it can help to work backward. Consider the end goal and what the reader would need to do immediately before that. Then, keep thinking of each Saudi Arabia Email List previous step until you get back to a logical starting point. Conclusion: Sum up what the reader should have accomplished after following the steps. If appropriate, you might want to include a screenshot or photo of what they’ll see.

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