FID (First Input Delay) Make the shop interactive in less than 100ms. CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) By loading your images later, for example, layout shifts can take place. Take into account a CLS measurement of less than 0.1. You can see how your shop is doing via the Pagespeed Insights Tool . I notice that many webshop builders do not pay attention to this.

prepare your webshop well

It is therefore important to do the measurement yourself and immediately discuss it with your development team. If Google announces an update, it is because the update can have a lot of impact. So make Austria Email List sure you are prepared. Image under the heading ‘e-commerce’. 5. Product Information We now see that consumers are increasingly buying online. In addition, many companies start with a webshop, which also increases competition.

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The dark days mean crowds

Despite the fact that consumers are increasingly accustomed to buying products online, it is always exciting whether you get what you have ordered. Because adding products is becoming faster and faster and a product is also more often online with an increasingly shorter description, this increases consumer uncertainty. We see more and more not only the lack of good descriptions of products. Also not using attributes or not using them properly.

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