As is normal when one works on the cutting edge of advertising technology, friends. Clients, and enemies all come up with the big question on which they hope to immediately build their brilliant strategies. What do you think is the dominant dynamic in ad advertising? Internet? One. Who is older and has gone through this situation in many media and in many circumstances. Has become a fearful and conservative augur far from the great lists of facts and from ensuring great revolutions. So that, today, now and in the current circumstances, I bet on a single winning trend; always adopting. What I understand can be the simplest, most effective, and profitable thing for the media. Collaboration between publishers for global data management.

I Know That Those Who Expect a Great Response and a Long

A long list of ideas may end up embracing disappointment. Especially if what they expect is that everything will change and it will do so in a short time – months or. In the very long term, a year – but if we analyze its true content. We will see that it contains some interesting changes, always within an already established current. The so-called “Big d” environmental” is consistent with its Buy Greece WhatsApp Numbers own name and the first thing it tells us is that it is “Big”. Which favors those large market players with majority penetration within their niche. What about those who are not “Big”? Well, they must be associated, they must reach sufficient critical mass so that. Among several – or among many – to be able to put on the decision tables. That the data thus managed and compiled is sufficient.

The Thing Has Its Logic and, in the Spanish Market

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Wouldn’t it be better to become aware of the weaknesses and, by collaborating with other complementary editors, add knowledge to offer the market a product – the data of its users – that is well built, reliable, and profitable? In this dynamic, there are already many publishers whose experience guarantees the success of the strategy and that is something that can be learned from. If we collaborate, we are more competitive and the exploitation of new audience niches becomes an important source of economic growth that, far from harming us, makes us much stronger in the market and, what is even more important, offers brands the certainty that your advertising reaches exactly those who you hope to convert into buyers.

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