One of those measurements that have become the great obsession of brands and companies in these times is that of engagement. At first, everyone swore and perjured by the large numbers. The important thing was, above all, to have a lot of everything. Success was measured in many followers, many fans and many figures that could be used as an impressive claim. The ‘we have a million followers’ was the crowning element of the success of any brand. That prided itself in the times of social networks. However, studies and analyzes ended up showing that, although it made for very grandiose headlines. Those large figures were not good for much. Success on social media wasn’t measured by your million fans. But rather by what those followers did to what you posted.

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Ultimately, engagement shows how consumers have responded to the brand or company. Is doing and what they are posting on their profile on different social media. Engagement is, therefore, from the outset, a much more Bahrain WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists solid and much more relevant metric as far as a response is concerned. It measures real connections with the followers of the profile and not so much more or less empty numbers that can come to nothing. But brands and companies not only have to focus on achieving engagement. They also have to measure what they are doing with it. Because, after all, engagement is the response of the followers to what is published and that response. Deserves certain attention and a certain follow-up. In a hyperconnected context inconsistent experiences and the idea

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At least that is what a study by marketo has just concluded that has indicated. After analyzing the responses of consumers and ‘decision makers’ in europe and the us. That the former feel frustrated with the response that brands and companies give to the engagement of your consumers. They have high expectations of what they are going to achieve and expect to get more value and even more customization based on their previous response. Right now they feel like they’re not getting it. In fact, it could be said that there is (as is usual in this type of study). A separation between what consumers want and what brands and their managers are putting as the main thing. On the one hand, marketers say they are prioritizing the consumer experience.

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