A decent-sized screen (you’ll be writing and Oman Email List editing photos from it) and of course, the lighter it is, the better. Two of the best travel blogging laptops that fit this bill perfectly are the 13″ MacBook Pro (at $1,200) which is hands down the best laptop if you’ll be doing some photo editing for your travel blog and the 13″ MacBook Air (at $999.99) if you’ll be Oman Email List focused mostly on writing. A MacBook is well worth the investment as it’ll last you several years without worry of it breaking down while you’re in the middle of the trip. Powerful camera. One of the most important aspects of travel blogging, is telling the stories of your adventures. Oman Email List And what better way to do it than with pictures of everything you see, do and experience? This is why you need a good camera to capture those vibrant storytelling moments.

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I highly recommend the Sony Oman Email List Alpha A7 II (at $998.00) mirrorless camera paired with either their 28-70mm lens that comes standard with the camera, or an upgrade to the more diverse 18-105mm f/4 OSS G lens (at $598.00) that’ll help you shoot just about any type of setting without the need to travel with multiple lenses. Oman Email List Similarly to your decision about the right laptop to travel with, investing up front in good camera gear will pay major dividends in the quality of your content—and this tool will also last you for several Oman Email List years at least. Backup power. The nature of travel blogging, is that you’ll often be away from power sources. A high-capacity power bank, like this one from Anker (at $139.99) that can charge both phones and laptops multiple times over.

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Will help ensure that your devices never run out of Oman Email List power. And speaking of power, you’ll also want a reliable worldwide travel adapter (at $11.00) or two, so that you’ll always be able to plug in and charge up in the next country on Oman Email List your trip. There are always more tools and gear you can pick up to improve the quality of your content (or images), but the basics of a good laptop, camera and backup power will set you down the right path to getting started with your travel blog. 3 Challenges All Travel Bloggers Face Oman Email List Starting a travel blog is by no means easy. Sure, many travel bloggers (especially on Instagram) want to paint the picture that they’re leading a life of leisure every single day—but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Starting a travel blog and running it successfully takes a lot of grit.

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