Simply put, a plugin is a small piece of software that can be Belize Email List added to your food blog in order to improve how it works and add new features without writing any form of code. Similar to themes, there are lots of free and paid plugins Belize Email List available on the market. Here are a few of my favorite plugins you should consider installing on your food blog right away: Yoast SEO to optimize your food blog pages and articles to better rank in Google results WPForms to create easy forms (for email sign ups, contact requests, etc) MonsterInsights for Belize Email List Google Analytics to gather insights about the readers coming in Perfmatters for speeding up your food blog and optimizing its code Jetpack for doing regular backups of your food blog 5.

If you did well on your standardized tests, this business idea is for you.

Create the main pages of your food blog When Belize Email List visitors arrive on your food blog, it’s normal for them to have questions about your food blog. Example of Food Blogger Clean Food Dirty City Homepage They’ll often wonder Belize Email List how it’s different from other food blogs in your space—and based on the layout of your site, will very quickly form an opinion of the person (or people) behind the food blog and whether or not your content will be for them. Take Lily’s homepage example from her food blog—Clean Food, Dirty City. To Belize Email List answer these questions in advance for your readers, it’s important to create the main pages of your blog, especially these three.

People in this business tend to be digital natives that love community building.

Homepage About page Contact page The homepage of Belize Email List your food blog In most cases, your food blog home page is going to be the first page visitors will find themselves after typing your blog name into a search engine, or discovering it from a guest blog post you’ve done for another food blogger—and your homepage should provide a detailed overview of the various sections of your food blog. Take for example the homepage layout of Lindsay’s popular food blog, Pinch of Yum: Pinch of Yum Food Blogger Homepage Example Keep in mind Belize Email List that your food blog home page elements should ideally include: A simple, clear headline that inform visitors what your food blog has to offer in less than 3 seconds A sub headline that gives a short description of the value your food blog provides.

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